Inventum by Rene Eespere

During the first lockdown in Tallinn in spring 2020 when all the concerts were canceled or postponed. I decided to bring my Roland Scharbatke guitar for some setup to the luthier Riho Sinisalu and to have a week off from practice, to do some new arrangements, and to read a lot of nice books.

But the same evening, as I returned home without guitar, I had a phone call, it was Rene Eespere asking if I have time to check out his new work for solo guitar. I was so excited, that immediately started calling my colleagues to borrow the instrument to try it out.

Finally, I had a guitar, but the week off was postponed to other times 🙂 but…

The work is brilliant solo, amazingly balanced, and very dramatic, sounds just great!

I premiered the work on the “SOOLO” concert series on the 4th of October 2020. The work is dedicated to me and it is a second piece by Rene Eespere that I have the honor to premiere.

I am planning to record it during January 2020. You can order the score on the EMIC web page.

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